MIT AI Conference 2017
The Future of AI
Mar 25 - San Francisco
MIT AI Conference 2017
The Future of AI
Mar 25 - San Francisco

Discover the untapped opportunities of applied AI

AI trailblazers, machine learning experts, forward thinking executives, data scientists, and product and engineering innovators will gather at the MITCNC Applied AI Conference to share how to build real-world AI solutions as well as impact of AI in our society and life.


From Amazon to Zeta Venture Partners, we've got an insanely smart group of folks who will discuss where they see the Future of AI and the opportunities that have them excited.

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Date and Time
Saturday, March 25, 2017
09:00 AM - 05:45 PM PT
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Hotel Pullman San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065
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9:00 AM

Check-In / Light Breakfast & Networking

10:00 AM


  • Shuja Keen

    Managing Director, The Resource Group

10:10 AM

TIM Talk: The Future of AI – Mens et Manus + Machines

  • Hemant Taneja

    Managing Director, General Catalyst

10:30 AM

TIM Talk: AI in AR /VR and Gaming

  • Danny Lange

    Vice President, AI & Machine Learning, Unity Technologies

10:50 AM

Coffee Break


11:10 AM

Panel: AI Frontiers – Straight from the Labs

  • Ed Boyden

    Professor, MIT

  • Surya Ganguli

    Assistant Professor, Stanford University

  • Manolis Kellis

    Professor, MIT

  • Vijay Pande

    General Partner, Andreesen Horowitz

  • Eduardo Torres-Jara

    CEO, Robot Rebuilt

  • Amar Kendale

    SVP Product, Livongo Health

11:10 AM

Panel: Unsupervised Earlystage Investing

  • Elad Gil

    Chairman, Color

  • Vanessa Larco

    Partner, NEA

  • Aileen Lee

    Founder and Partner, Cowboy Ventures

  • Leonard Speiser

    Investor & Founder, Neuron.VC & Markov

  • Ajay Sudan

    Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Moderator: Sarah Guo

    Principal, Greylock Partners

11:55 AM

Panel: Ghost in the Machine – AI and Autonomous Autos

  • Irfan Essa

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Ali Jameel

    CEO, TPL Holdings

  • Joel Pazhayampallil


  • Lior Ron

    Co-Founder + President, Otto

  • Moderator: Sarah Mirza

    Partner, Artegis Law Group

11:55 AM

Panel: Acquiring Intelligence – A Closer Look at the AI Corporate VC and M&A landscape

  • James Cham

    Partner, Bloomberg Beta

  • Pegah Ebrahimi

    COO Global Technology Banking, Morgan Stanley

  • Matt Garratt

    VP, Salesforce Ventures

  • Steve McLauhglin

    CEO, FT Partners

  • John Rodkin

    Managing Director, Samsung NEXT Start

  • Moderator: Alex Rosen

    Managing Director, IDG Ventures

12:20 PM

Fireside Chat: Autonomous Autos

  • Sterling Anderson

    Co-Founder, Aurora

  • Moderator: Sarah Mirza

    Partner, Artegis Law Group

12:40 PM

Lunch and Networking

01:40 PM

TIM Talk: AI and It’s Application to Industry Workloads

  • Swami Siva subramanian

    Vice President AI, Amazon Web Services

2:00 PM

TIM Talk: AI + Cloud + Enterprise

  • Diane Greene

    Senior Vice President, Google Cloud

2:20 PM

TIM Talk: AI – AI on the Horizon: Directions, Challenges, Futures

  • Eric Horvitz

    Technical Fellow & Director, Microsoft Research

2:40 PM

TIM Talk: AI in SaaS

  • Steven Tamm

    Chief Technology Officer,

3:00 PM

Coffee Break


3:20 PM

Panel: When HAL Met Sally – How AI will Optimize Marketplaces

  • Robert Phillips

    Head of Marketplace Optimization Decision Science, Uber

  • Monica Rogati

    Equity Partner, Data Collective

  • Jim Roskind

    VP / Distinguished Engineer, Amazon

  • Jeremy Stanley

    VP of Data Science, Instacart

  • Moderator: Sourav Dey

    Partner, DataHoliks

3:20 PM

Panel: AI Idol

  • Aaref Hilaly

    Partner, Sequoia Capital

  • Umair Khan

    Partner, Mentors.Fund

  • Ben Levy

    Partner, Bootstrap Labs

  • Rob Neivert

    Venture Partner, 500 Startups

  • Qasar Younis

    COO & General Partner, Y Combinator

  • Moderator: Shan Sinha

    CEO / Founder, HighFive

4:05 PM

Panel: AI in the Enterprise

  • John Apostolopoulos

    VP / CTO Enterprise Segment, Cisco

  • Mitali Dhar

    Director Global Product Partnerships, Google

  • Andrew Fano

    Managing Director, Accenture AI R&D

  • Chris Farmer

    Chief Marketing Officer, Afiniti

  • Usman Rabbani

    Head of Innovation and Technology, KKR

  • Moderator: Vivek Mohta

    Partner, DataHoliks

4:05 PM

Panel: Founder’s Journey

  • Troy Astorino

    CTO, PicnicHealth

  • Aye Moah

    Chief of Product / Co-Founder, Boomerang

  • Oliver Roup

    Founder and CEO, VigLink

  • Nikunj Mehta

    Founder & CEO, Falkonry

  • Moderator: Reshma Khilnani

    Engineer, Box

4:50 PM

Coffee Break

5:10 PM

Fireside Chat: AI & Security

  • Rehan Jalil

    CEO, Elastica

  • Zulfikar Ramzan

    Chief Technology Officer, RSA

5:30 PM

TIM Talk: AI – The Past, The Present and The Future

  • Mark Gorenberg

    Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners

5:50 PM

Closing Remarks

  • Shuja Keen

    Managing Director, The Resource Group

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6:00 PM

Spotlight Reception

7:30 PM

Welcome, Dinner & Comedy

  • Host: Jeff Applebaum

    Comedian & Entrepreneur

8:30 PM

Fireside Chat: Mens et Manus + Heart

  • Spotlight Honoree: Megan Smith

    3rd U.S. Chief Technology Officer, United States

  • Spotlight Host: Shishir Mehrotra


9:30 PM

Dessert, Poker & Dancing


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Underneath all the AI hype, real breakthroughs are happening – the advent of deep learning toolkits made possible by huge amounts of data, cloud based computing and low cost storage that pattern, image and voice recognition – allowing AI developers to create solutions which are predictive of needs of its users and the capabilities are growing at exponential rates.
If you’re looking for cutting edge research, case studies of successful AI projects, AI rock stars, multidisciplinary use cases — and truly inspiring ideas that just might change the world — make plans to join us on March 25th for the MITCNC Tech Conference in Redwood City.

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Convince Your Boss

We have received a request for a Business Justification letter from some of our attendees. Below is a letter template you can use to customize and present it along with this complete information pack to help convince why you should be at the MITCNC The Future of AI Conference.


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The Future of AI at Hotel Pullman San Francisco Bay 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065

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