MIT AI 2019
Future of Computing
Sep 14 - Peninsula

We’d like to invite you to the 2019 edition of the MIT AI Conference. In the third edition of this AI conference, we will focus on the Future of Computing - the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how innovators are leveraging AI to drive new use cases and achieve better outcomes across industries. In particular, we will focus on the following AI areas:

  • Future of Computing - how hardware and infrastructure innovations are enabling AI
  • AI-driven Applications - AI-driven applications in new use cases across industries
  • Autonomous Vehicles - how AV companies are driving innovation with AI
  • AI in Healthcare - how AI is being used to improve healthcare outcomes
  • AI for Social Good - how AI is being used to create a better world

MIT AI Conference embodies MIT’s tradition of “mens et manus” - applying technology for real-world impact - by convening a cross-section of leading academics, engineers, business executives, investors, and other experts and luminaries.

No vendor driven talks. No sales pitch. No Small Talk. No hype.  No fluff.  Deep learning - MIT Style - Drink from a firehose!

What we have in store for you: 

  • Inspiring keynotes and practical, information-rich sessions that explore the latest advances and best practices in AI
  • Case studies designed to investigate tools, algorithms, and applications more deeply
  • Networking opportunities with hundreds of other engineers, researchers, developers, program and product managers, innovation officers, and other deep learning professionals
  • A vibrant networking opportunity / "hallway track" for attendees and speakers to discuss where they are leading the Future of Computing

What you'll take away this year:

  • Stories about real business results companies are getting right now
  • Latest strategies around deployment — mixing data science and domain knowledge — that will help you get an edge on your competitors
  • Top technologies and trends around AI and data
  • Disruptive technologies to keep an eye on
  • Practical lessons to take with you and implement into your AI agenda ​


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Only waitlist tickets are available for purchase. If we do NOT confirm your ticket, your fees will be refunded.


Parking is free for all attendees. There will be available overflow parking at Elks Lodge should the hotel parking lot fill up.

Event Closed

Date and Time
Saturday, September 14, 2019
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM PT
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Crowne Plaza
4290 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA, 94306
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Teddy Lee

Jesus Bolivar

Morgan Lai

Daniel Kwak


We are gathering the world's leading and most inspired thinkers from multiple disciplines to inspire your organization to build real-world AI solutions.


Industry Experts

The world's smartest minds

From Amazon to Zetta Venture Partners, we've got an insanely smart group of folks who will discuss where they see the Future of AI and the opportunities that have them excited.

Our Partners & Supporters

We've got an insanely smart group of folks who will discuss where they see the Future of AI and the opportunities that have them excited.

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MIT AI 2019
Future of Computing at Crowne Plaza 4290 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA, 94306

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