Research Slam
MIT AI Conference 2020

You are invited to join the Research Slam hosted by the MIT Club of Northern California at our fourth annual MIT AI Conference on Saturday, July 18, from 12pm to 1pm. This year the MIT AI Conference will be conducted virtually.

The Research Slam is an opportunity to introduce your research in a quick and fun format to our conference attendees. It is an opportunity to present your motivations, research topics, and proposed viable solution(s) to the problem/question/goal.

Competitor order will be announced once all competitors have joined. Note that this slam will be recorded and made available on the MIT Alumni Association YouTube channel.

Please submit a backup copy of the slide you intend to use by noon PT on July 12. You can see some examples of slides and successful presentations here.

Event Closed

Date and Time
Sat, Jul 18, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM PT
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Primary Contact
Alumni Education

The Rules:

  • Present your research in four minutes or less. Teach us—be creative and compelling!
  • One slide (use limited animation, if any)
  • Present your own research
  • Be prepared to answer one question from the audience after your pitch

Judges will evaluate pitches using the following criteria. Did the competitor:

  • Make effective use of time?
  • Explain the topic in terms understandable to everyone?
  • Speak clearly / speak at an appropriate pace?
  • Capture your attention from the beginning of the presentation and hold it?
  • Motivate/ advance/ propose viable solution(s) to the problem / question / goal?
  • Convince you of the importance of their research?
  • Create an effective visual that supported the pitch?


  • Please keep in mind that you will be judged on your ability to clearly pitch your research to thejudges and audience (not the actual research itself).
  • Practice, practice, practice! We will end your pitch at the 3-minute mark if you are stillpresenting.
  • Don’t try to fit too much information on your slide. Less is often more.
  • Remember that your audience might not be experts on your topic. Present in terms everyone can understand.
  • Be aware of your body language, movement, hand gesture etc.
  • Smile! Have fun!


  • 1st Place: $1,000 gift to MIT COVID-19 research made in competitor’s name
  • 2nd Place: $500 gift to MIT COVID-19 research made in competitor’s name
  • 3rd Place: $250 gift to MIT COVID-19 research made in competitor’s name


Rima Arnaout


Sam Perli


Yu She



Mina Khan

MIT Media Lab

Neo Mohsenvand

MIT Media Lab

Rima Arnaout


Sam Perli


Thanard Kurutach

Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) at UC Berkeley

Utkarsh Sarawgi

MIT Media Lab

Yu She


Past Judges

Ari Daniel

PhD '08
Science journalist

Bob Prior

MIT Press
Executive Editor

Vivian Siegel

MIT Department of Biology

Holden Thorp

Editor in Chief

All competitors will be publicized to all alumni registrants, and winners’ names will be posted on the MIT Alumni Association website and spotlighted on social media.

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