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Art, Design, and Aerospace Engineering
Sep 24 - Virtual Event
Art, Design, and Aerospace Engineering
Sep 24 - Virtual Event

MIT Club of San Diego Event

Exploring the Boundaries of Art, Design, Aerospace Engineering and Popular Culture

Art and Illustration play an important role in the world of aerospace engineering design and development.  Envisioning what advanced air and spacecraft concepts might look like facilitates the systems engineering process. The development of real aerospace vehicle system configurations is very much an interdisciplinary combination of engineering and art, requiring considerable creativity and ingenuity. Public perception of what constitutes a “real” spaceship is probably driven by the fanciful creations of Hollywood as much as reality. Why are spacecraft and other technology driven aerospace vehicles shaped the way they are, both in fiction and reality? How does Hollywood’s design and development process for the depiction of future technology differ from reality? Aldo Spadoni will show how he managed to blend art and engineering to great advantage throughout his technical career in aerospace engineering as well as his Hollywood consulting experience.

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Date and Time
Thursday, September 24, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT
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Mary Wang