Letter from President

In 2006, my wife Nayela '01 and I moved to San Francisco. We instantly fell in love with the Bay Area and quickly settled in to call it home. We felt welcome because we had a large group of MIT friends already living here, a group that continued to expand as we attended and volunteered more for the MIT Club. Twelve years later, we can’t imagine a better place to raise our three kids and 500,000 bees. It’s like being back in Cambridge – minus the problem sets.

What’s unique about the MIT community is the immediate sense of trust, respect, and belonging – a concentration of brilliant, committed, creative, talented individuals with a passion for lifelong learning and improving the world. Over the years, I have particularly enjoyed witnessing unexpected connections and reunions at various MIT Club events.

I am especially honored to have this opportunity since MIT has been such an integral part of both my personal and professional life. I'm thankful to past-president Bridget Brett '06 SM '08 for her leadership and dedication to MIT and the MIT Club. In just a couple of months, we've put together an incredible team dedicated to making the MIT community stronger. Here are some quick statistics about the new leadership team:

  • MIT10: 24%, MIT11-25: 52%, MIT26+ 24%
  • 75% have an MIT Undergraduate degree
  • 15% are married to an MIT alum
  • 45% are women
  • 66 MIT degrees!

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Shuja Keen '99
President, MIT Club of Northern California