Year-End Financial Planning DIY Open Mic
Dec 11 - Virtual Event
Year-End Financial Planning DIY Open Mic
Dec 11 - Virtual Event

Financial planning involves a solid basic strategy. But to fully optimize there are often time-sensitive year-end tactical opportunities. This event is geared for the latter.

Do you have a strong DIY nature (do it yourself)? Don’t let your efforts sit idle. You tackled the learning curve in a particular area: come share any insights and pointers in personal and small business finance -- especially the time-sensitive ones for year-end!

Join us to share, collaborate, learn, interact with like-minded alumni.

Topics: Personal and Small Business Finance.

Take up to five minutes to share a slide/screen share. 

To speak on a topic or request a topic: SIGN-UP HERE.

Examples -- tax incentives in personal finance:

  • Backdoor Roth IRA (last call!)
  • Philanthropy: donor-advised funds and advanced planning options
  • SALT deduction update
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Alternative investing with your IRA
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone

Small business/gig workers incentives

  • Solo-401(k) options; defined benefit plans
  • SBA financing and grants that are still available
  • Tax incentives for wage-paying businesses: Employee Retention Credit, Recovery Startup Business Credit, R&D Tax Credit
  • SALT deduction “work-around”
  • Student loan payment deduction

Other ideas

  • DeFi -- Decentralized Finance: have you researched an interesting area that you want to share?
  • Personal Finance tools: after scouring the landscape, did you find a gem that best solves a particular set of problems common among alumni?


This is an alumni-only event. Come share your expertise and learn from others. 

We’ll start with any prepared slides, and move on to informal Q&A with the opportunity to break out if wanted.

And join the MITCNC “FinTrack” Slack channel, to share resources and ideas in the areas of Fintech, Finance, Real Estate, etc.:  MITCNC FinClub.



MIT Alums:

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Date and Time
Saturday, December 11, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT
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Primary Contact
Jason Escamilla