Year End Financial Planning Forum: “FinClub” (Book Club-Style)
Dec 23 - Virtual Event
Year End Financial Planning Forum: “FinClub” (Book Club-Style)
Dec 23 - Virtual Event

Our first “FinClub” event is an alumni-only interactive forum -- much like a book club.

TOPIC: Year-end financial planning for individuals and business owners

CONTEXT: This is designed to be a “last-call” year-end financial planning event. You will get more out of it if it is not your first. But not to worry, there are plenty of videos on tax-planning 101. Here’s one for MIT professionals, if this is your first tax-planning event

Three ways to participate:

  1. Share your expertise with the group
  2. Pose your questions to the group during open Q&A and/or
  3. Just listen, learn and talk smack on chat. 

1) Got expertise? In your own research, have you learned anything interesting? Share your favorites with the “FinClub”: spend a minute or two, with an optional prepared slide for the group. 

For example, would anyone like to speak about one of these?

  • Opportunity Zones -- is there still time?
  • R&D tax credit
  • Advanced charitable giving tips
  • Roth conversion considerations
  • College savings tips 
  • Last minute advice for real estate investors 
  • Capital gains: 2020 vs 2021 and beyond
  • Solo-401(k) vs SEP
  • Mega back-door Roth contributions
  • What entrepreneurs should know about QSBS
  • Independent contractor vs. S-corp?

If you'd like to reserve a topic and share your notes with the group on any of the above topics, or one of your choosing you can sign-up in advance:, or, if we have time, you can just jump in.

2) Got questions that are not answered in the results of an internet search? Ask the FinClub.

3) This FinClub event will not be recorded. There will be no replay.  We may share slides to registrants, so be sure to sign-up even if you can’t make it.

We look forward to your participation (1), (2) and/or (3)!



MIT Alums:

Please make sure you are a current member of your local club before registering. If you are unsure please ask your club representative or if you would like to join MIT Club of Northern California (Starts at $30+, Free for current full time students), click here.

If you just renewed your membership, the system requires 24-48 hours to update and recognize new members. For events within a day of renewal, please email to verify membership and receive a direct link to registration.

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Date and Time
Wednesday, December 23, 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT
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Primary Contact
Jason Escamilla