The Future of Storytelling
Mar 20

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Storytelling has evolved since the earliest days of human experience, from oral traditions shared around a campfire to the printing press, radio variety shows, TV, cinema, and the blogosphere. For millennia, technological innovations have transformed not only the modes of human communication but the core experience of humanity itself.

Recent innovations have set the stage for a new act in storytelling, with the role of passive viewer replaced by a collaborative, immersive storytelling experience. The convergence of various technologies, from AR/VR to AI, has the potential to begin a media revolution — one in which we are all participants.

  • How will experiential storytelling and immersion in virtual worlds change society?
  • Can AR add new layers of depth and meaning beyond the physical world?
  • Will AI generate stories and characters that resonate with a human audience?
  • How will film studios and broadcast networks adapt to these new opportunities?

Join us for a discussion of how new technologies are changing the way we tell stories, and help us decipher what it means for the future.

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Date and Time

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
12:00 AM - 8:30 PM PT

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Stanford Faculty Club , Stanford University
439 Lagunita Drive, Stanford, CA 94305

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