"Smart" Phone Photography
Sep 17 - Virtual Event
"Smart" Phone Photography
Sep 17 - Virtual Event

Have you been wondering how you could better understand the camera that you already have in your pocket and how to improve your photography? Join Manohar Srikanth, PhD ’13 and former Camera & Imaging Technologist at Apple, to learn how!

This session will shed some light on the camera tech and photography tips for anyone, but especially for MIT folks. By understanding how the camera works and by knowing the relationship between camera settings and photographic outcomes, we can improve our photography. We’ll understand some of the differences between a large camera (DSLR) and a smartphone camera and see how well we can transfer DSLR skills to a Smartphone camera. This course will be fun and quench your thirst if you're used to drinking from the fire hose!

We've increased capacity in case you were unable to register.

MIT Alums:

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Date and Time
Thursday, September 17, 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT
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Primary Contact
Manohar Srikanth