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Saké 101
Mar 26 - Virtual Event
Saké 101
Mar 26 - Virtual Event

This is a great event for those who are interested in learning more about saké. No prior knowledge of saké is required!

Saké, the rice-based alcoholic beverage, has been made in Japan for millennia and today is also produced by a handful of brewers in the United States. In this event, we will learn all about saké from the founder of multiple American saké breweries, Todd Bellomy, the only saké brewer in New England.

Over the course of the evening, Todd will lead us through a descriptive tasting of three quintessential Japanese saké:

Please see below for information about a tasting set for this event.

MIT Alumni Saké Set Details

Todd has arranged with online retailer Tippsy to have a three-saké set available to us for this event. The set includes three 300 mL bottles (one each of the three saké listed above) and costs $59 including shipping.

The pack is available at the following link for $69, which will be discounted $10 at checkout for a final price of $59 (+tax where applicable):

>> Purchase MIT Alumni Saké Set <<

This link will automatically apply the code MITALUMNI at checkout. Some people have also noted that the following codes may give larger discounts: DMFEB15 (15% off) and THANKYOU20 ($20 off). You can try replacing the MITALUMNI code with these codes at checkout.

Please order your set before the following date, depending on your location:

  • March 7th: TX, IL, OK
  • March 17th: All other states except West Coast
  • March 19th: West Coast

Currently Tippsy can't ship to AK, AL, AR, HI, KY, MI, MS and UT. There are also some areas of IL and OK that their carriers may not service. If you need any assistance or have further questions, please visit Tippsy's FAQ page and see their contact information. (Neither Todd nor the MIT Club of Boston are affiliated with Tippsy, so questions need to go directly to them.)

While you may be able to find these saké in a local retailer, you run the risk of buying stale saké. Says Todd about Tippsy, "These saké will arrive in amazingly fresh condition compared to basically anything you could buy in area stores. These saké are essentially skipping the long time it sits in the local distributor's warehouse and being mailed directly to you."

The MIT Club of Boston is organizing this event in support of MIT's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In exchange for the value you receive from this event, we ask that you make a donation (in an amount of your choosing) to one or more of the MIT COVID-19 Response Funds.

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Date and Time
Friday, March 26, 2021
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT
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