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Pitch Event with MIT Solve
Jun 14 - Virtual Event
Pitch Event with MIT Solve
Jun 14 - Virtual Event

Featuring MIT Solve and Selected 2020 Solve Winners

Established in 2015, MIT Solve is an initiative of the President’s Office.

MIT Solve is a marketplace of education, innovation and partnerships and a growing worldwide driver of social impact innovation. Its impact on entrepreneurial start-ups with a tech focus and NGO’s is on 6 continents.

Solver teams and Indigenous Communities Fellows for the Solver program are selected annually in a rigorous process for their ability and potential to solve urgent Challenges faced by local communities.  Solvers create solutions which have real potential to enhance regional and local economic prosperity, health, learning and sustainability.  Solve Team Leaders are social entrepreneurs with an enduring passion to improve the world.  As part of its Program, MIT Solve holds an Annual International Solver Pitch Competition.

From the 2020 Global Challenges, join us on Monday, June 14, 11:00am - 12:30pm ET to hear presentations of a selection of 2020 Winning Solver Teams and Indigenous Communities Fellows:

These teams are working on a range of tech-based solutions, including:

  • An offline educational tool for rural Ugandan girls
  • AI-driven platforms for healthcare supply chains
  • The revitalization of indigenous languages
  • A smart mosquito disease control system and more!

Featured Solver teams and Indigenous Communities Fellows:

The June 14 Event will feature information on opportunities for MIT Alumni to get involved with the MIT Solve community.


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Date and Time
Monday, June 14, 2021
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM PT
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Colette Thompson