MIT + Friends Singles Night
Mar 01 - Peninsula
MIT + Friends Singles Night
Mar 01 - Peninsula

Lots of alums have asked us for MITCNC-sponsored ways for single people to meet each other, and Sal Khan even spoke about MIT people meeting each other and falling in love, as part of the 2012 commencement.  This spring we've decided it's time to put this demand to the test. In response to what we may only call significant demand, we are proud to announce the first MIT CNC Alumni Singles Night.

We're kicking things off in a fairly low-key manner, on Friday March 1st at 7pm at Devil's Canyon Brewery in San Carlos.  Your modest entry ticket will get you two drink tickets if purchased prior to the day of the event, and Devil's Canyon will have several food trucks to choose from for food options.

Whether you want to meet someone from MIT or someone with MIT friends, or just come with your friends for a nice evening, we hope you'll join us!  Feel free to bring a friend---non-MIT friends are welcome!

Karen and Kevin, MITCNC "TIMber" team

ps if you want to bring more than one non-MIT friend, just send us an email.

pps to be totally clear, this event is primarily for single alums.

MIT + Friends Singles Night at Devil's Canyon Brewery 935 Washington St.
San Carlos, CA 94070

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