[Virtual Event] Handwashing Video Challenge
Mar 30 - Virtual Event
[Virtual Event] Handwashing Video Challenge
Mar 30 - Virtual Event

One thing we at the MITCNC have all really good at lately is washing our hands!  We'd love to see your handwashing strategies too.  

How do you keep yourself entertained while you're washing your hands for 20 whole seconds?  Do you sing? The CDC says to sing "happy birthday" twice, but we know there are other songs with choruses that last 20 seconds.  Or do you do something else?

And how do you remember those hard-to-wash places, like in the creases of your skin, under fingernails, or between fingers?

Show us what you got!  Submission Deadline April 6th

How it works?

Post a video, with hashtag #handwashchallenge - See some inspirational videos below

  • Video should show handwashing, and ideally at least 1 less-used handwashing step
  • Video must be 20 seconds (so if on tiktok, two threaded videos)



  • We'll pick at least 10 of our favorite videos for $100 prizes ( 10 x $100)
  • We'll promote more than that on our social channels. 
  • We'll also pick a limited number of #ohnanana video challenge submissions.  Make it clear that the first foot-tap is a greeting, include #mitcnc, and be sure not to slap hands or anything during the video!



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Submission Deadline March 30th

If you would like to submit a video privately, write to us at


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