Entry Points to Design Trilogy (Part 3)
Nov 15 - Virtual Event
Entry Points to Design Trilogy (Part 3)
Nov 15 - Virtual Event

Come join us for the third (and final!) event of the MITCNC Design & Innovation track “Entry Points to Design Trilogy” series. In this virtual
workshop, Greg Turner, President and Cofounder of Turner Duran Architects, will be leading us on an exploration of various entry points to the design process. Be prepared to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the design process, to explore timeless concepts such as form, method, and environment and their impacts, and to develop your own set of tools and skills that will enable you to innovate in your own circles of influence through applied creativity.

Note: While brand new material will be covered in Part 3, attendance of Part 1 & 2 is not required. Whether you consider yourself a “non-designer” or work in the field, “Entry Points to Design” will deepen your enjoyment of the creative process!

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Date and Time
Monday, November 15, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT
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