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Electricity Storage at Scale - High Added Value
May 12 - Virtual Event
Electricity Storage at Scale - High Added Value
May 12 - Virtual Event

Will batteries be the kingpin of reliable electricity as the world adds more and more renewable and low-carbon energy sources to the mix?

Come learn from Matt Harper SM '11, CCO Invinity Energy Systems, and Dr. Dharik Mallapragada, Research Scientist a the MIT Energy Initiative (MITei), about continuing research and commercialization of grid-scale batteries.  With demand predicted to increase from 20-50% or more due to electrification, are these technologies the economical way to go?

Relatively small lithium-based batteries have made inroads in our ubiquitous electronic/electric devices, from electric vehicles, watches, cell-phones, home PV systems and even a growing number of utility applications. Invinity is already adding vanadium flow batteries to the mix.  Which storage and innovations hold the most promise to be part of a decarbonized energy future?

Ready your questions and join EESN on May 12.

Speaker Bios:

Matt Harper SM'11
att HarperSM '11former founder and president of Avalon Battery, has been developing and producing vanadium flow batteries for heavy-duty grid applications for over 15 years. Now Chief Commercial Officer at Invinity Energy Systems, Matt is focused on accelerating our transition to a low-carbon grid. His career spans over 25 years of pioneering work in electrical energy storage, wastewater treatment, hydrogen generation and fuel cell vehicles. Matt's holistic approach to industrial technology development has balanced technical and operations development with commercial and organizational lifecycle characteristics. He is the inventor of several patents related to clean energy and industrial technologies.

Dharik Mallapragada
Dr. Dharik Mallapragada, Research Scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) builds advanced power system modeling tools for better integration of renewable sources into the power sector. In the context of economy-wide electrification and decarbonization and net zero policy trends, he has studied how the system value of energy storage varies by location and scale and the future role of hydrogen in a low-carbon economy. Dharik worked at ExxonMobil’s Corporate Strategic Research on power systems modeling and life cycle assessment of emerging technologies. He has also studied energy trends in developing countries.


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Date and Time
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT
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