Annual Meeting
Aug 25 - East Bay

Enjoy a nice lunch with your family, meet other MIT alumni families before attending the MIT Club of Northern California Annual Meeting to hear about all the great things happening with the club, elect new board members, and learn how you can get involved.

Each member will receive a raffle ticket for some great prizes including a gift card to a Michelin star restaurant! Be sure to renew your membership in time for the meeting!

Your family can tour the museum during the meeting or attend the meeting with you and tour together after the meeting until 5pm. You do not need to sign up for a Docent Tour to wander the museum, but Docents will be able to show you areas of the ship not available to the self-led tours.

Registration Restrictions
- 1 Adult Guest (must be spouse/significant other/immediate family member of the member registering)
- 3 Children under 16 (must be children of the member registering and not extended family/friends)

Additional Programs you can register for:

Docent Lead Tour (Be sure to register for a tour now. You will be given a card to sign up for one tour. You will sign up for the specific 30-45 min tour onsite. First come first serve on the sign up sheet)

  • Engine Room/Fire Room: Engine Room: See one of the ship's 4 engines used to power everything aboard. Fire Room: See the mechanics that created the steam to power the engine.
  • Brigg/Catapult: Brigg: Ship's prison rumored to have the ghost of a Kamikaze pilot. Catapult: The machinery used to launch planes on the flight deck.
  • Island Tour: The Captain's bridge, pilot house, and navigation bridge.
  • Combat Intelligence Center: The command center of the ship where all missions and intelligence was run through.
  • Sick Bay/Torpedo Room: Sick Bay: See the medical facility aboard including an optometrist, surgery rooms, and more. Torpedo room: See the torpedoes as well as the deepest view into the ship.

Flight Simulator - A 5 min simulation of taking off from an aircraft carrier, flying a mission, refueling in midair, and landing again.

Kid's STEM Program (Grades 3rd -6th) Parents must accompany their children at all times during this program

In the STEM to Stern Program, students see how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics apply to the operational functions of a World War II aircraft carrier. A hands-on activity relating to the science and engineering the students will see on the ship. Specific activities include:

  • Mechanics: Catapults
  • Aerospace: Paper gliders or straw rockets
  • Electromagnetism: squishy circuits, coin batteries, or magnets

The History of USS Hornet

The might of an aircraft carrier lies in its ability to quickly move about the world’s oceans, projecting power whenever and wherever it is needed. The heart of a carrier’s combat strength is its aircraft; her Air Groups provided Hornet’s lethal sting. Hornet’s success was dependent on the capabilities of highly trained pilots and aircrews and the specialized aircraft that operated from her flight deck.

In World War II, her air groups consisted of a fighter (VF) squadron, a bombing (VB) squadron and a torpedo (VT) squadron. During the 1950s as naval warfare technology evolved, so too did the complexity and specialty of carrier-based aircraft. Joining the classic fighter and attack aircraft were electronic/early warning, photo-reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Dual-role aircraft also provided aerial tanking and limited cargo capabilities and helicopters proved essential to carrier operations which included search and rescue missions.

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Date and Time

Sunday, August 25, 2019
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM PT

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USS Hornet Museum
707 W. Hornet Ave.
Pier 3 Alameda, CA, 94501

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Phatty Arbuckle

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