MIT AI In Drug Discovery and Medicine during JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 15 - San Francisco
MIT AI In Drug Discovery and Medicine during JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 15 - San Francisco

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform healthcare, and some of the most exciting opportunities are being pursued by innovators to solve problems in drug development and medicine. Join us during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on the evening of January 15th, 2020, and meet leaders from  top startups in the space—you’ll have the opportunity to hear first-hand about how they’re using AI to develop novel molecules, improve high-throughput screening, optimize clinical trials, and enable unprecedented advances in precision medicine.

Participate and engage with founders, innovators, and hundreds of MIT alumni and their guests during the AI in Drug Discovery and Medicine startup showcase at First Republic Bank, One Front Street and 101 Pine Street, San Francisco

This will be our third year hosting an event during JPM; companies joining us this year include:

DNAnexus, Atomwise, Qulab, Haystack Sciences, Gordian Biotechnology, Genialis,  Galileo Biotechnologies, Multiply Labs, Coral Genomics, noul, Fountain Therapeutics, Kali Care, Unlearn.AI, Peach Intellihealth, Teselagen, Engine Biosciences, and Arbor Biotechnologies

We are finalizing sponsorship agreements with other companies-- stay tuned! If you are interested in joining us to showcase your company in 2020, contact us soon, before the remaining slots are filled.

COMPANY EXHIBIT TABLES - If you are interested in joining us to showcase your company in 2020, contact us soon, before the remaining slots are filled.

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DNAnexus has built the world’s most secure, trusted cloud platform and global network for scientific collaboration and accelerated discovery.


Atomwise is a leader in AI drug discovery, and partners with academia, biotech, pharma, and agrochemical companies on hundreds of small molecule discovery programs.


Qulab is harnessing computational chemistry, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing to automate molecule design.

Haystack Sciences

Haystack rapidly analyzes DNA-Encoded Combinatorial Libraries to rank affinity of ligands vs. drug targets, and optimizes those ligands via directed evolution.


Gordian has invented a technology platform for screening hundreds of therapeutics in individual animals, to find cures for diseases of aging.


Galileo Biotechnologies

Galileo Biotechnologies combines deep metabolomics of human samples with large scale computational infrastructure and proprietary algorithms to understand and mine the chemical signaling between humans and their microbiome.

Multiply Labs

Advanced robotics that enables the manufacturing of personalized pharmaceutical capsules.

Coral Genomics

Coral is building the largest database to predict variation in drug response


Bringing gold standard diagnostics platform for point of needs through Next Generation Staining and Immunoassay (NGSI) and breakthrough AI.

Fountain Therapeutics

Fountain Therapeutics applies AI and computer vision to novel cellular models of aging to discover and develop age-directed therapeutics.

Kali Care

Powered by objective patient-data, Kali's analytics platform sifts through millions of data points to accelerate clinical trials and improve patient outcomes.


Unlearn.AI creates AI-generated Digital Twins to populate Intelligent Control Arms in clinical trials, improving trial speed and statistical power.

Peach Intellihealth

5 MIT scientists started Peach to create best-in-class AI that pharma, medtech, hospitals can use to improve efficacy and patient outcomes


Teselagen provides an AI-powered platform for DNA design, construction, and data collection & analysis, accelerating development of therapeutics.

Engine Biosciences

Engine empowers drug discovery by integrating machine learning and high-throughput biological experimentation to decipher complex biology

Arbor Biotechnologies

Arbor biotechnologies has built a next-generation platform to uncover novel CRISPR enzymes.


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Note: If you are interested in joining us to showcase your company, contact us ASAP--only a few slots remain. Exhibitor pricing will also go up after December 15th, 2018

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Our January 9, 2019 event, "AI in Healthcare", promises to be well-attended; MIT alumni from all over the world are flying in to attend the JP Morgan Healthcare conference at the same time. "AI in Healthcare" is part of our monthly healthcare & life sciences event series, ongoing since 2017, when it was kicked-off at our "Future of AI conference". Speakers at the conference/event series have included senior executives from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as high-growth startup founders and venture investors.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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First Republic Bank
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MIT AI In Drug Discovery and Medicine during JP Morgan Healthcare Conference at First Republic Bank One Front Street San Francisco, CA, 94111