Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Here is a DIY recipe from The Lin Lab - Stanford Medicine - Dept. of Neurobiology:

    • Hand sanitizer is just 60-70% ethanol with moisturizers.
    • The ethanol you want to use is 95% non-denatured ethanol
      • –  95% denatured ethanol has toxic additives to prevent drinking (will have a health hazard logo).
      • –  100%/dehydrated/absolute/anhydrous ethanol has benzene, also toxic, from the purification process.
    • Isopropanol can be substituted for ethanol, but just takes longer to evaporate
      • –  60-70% isopropanol is just as effective as 60-70% ethanol as a disinfectant.
      • –  99-100% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) can be purchased by the consumer as a cleaning and disinfecting agent.
    • The moisturizer can be aloe vera gel (as home recipes suggest, but hard to find) or glycerol (a common ingredient in moisturizers and makeup).
    • Lin Lab recipe: Mix two parts 95% non-denatured ethanol or 99-100% isopropanol with 1 part 90-100% glycerol.


  • That’s it!

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