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Startups '21

ActiveProtective is a consumer device company that produces smart garments to reduce traumatic injury using wearable airbag technology.

ActX is a dynamic venture that focuses on making patient genomic information truly useful in everyday medical practice.

Arctoris is the world’s first fully-automated drug discovery platform providing Experiments-as-a-Service.

Arterys is the market leader and the world’s first internet platform for medical imaging. Its objective is to transform healthcare by transforming radiology. The Arterys platform is 100% web-based, AI-powered, and FDA-cleared, unlocking simple clinical solutions.

ARTIDIS rapidly diagnoses cancer, detects its aggressiveness and predicts the probability of a patient developing metastases based on the nanomechanical biomarker for cancer. The ARTIDISNet platform combines the nanomechanical biomarker with the patient’s clinical data to guide the best therapy choice for each individual patient. By serial testing it has the potential to predict response to treatment and guide more selective use of cancer drugs.

ARTIDIS creates confidence for patients and clinicians through exact diagnosis and effective treatment optimization, guiding both patients and clinicians to a faster and selective care path.

Avro Life Science is developing skin patches for generic drug delivery, focusing on therapeutics for children and the elderly.

The first online marketplace for licensed pharmacies. This new company has paved the way for you to finally be able to compare prices and safely shop from different pharmacies online.

Biorez has pioneered the BioBrace implant, designed to help patients return to full activity sooner and safer following debilitating ligament and tendon injuries

Biosortia is developing and licensing new highly active compounds from the aquatic microbiome (unculturable aquatic microbial consortia).

BrainBaseline is a leader in decentralized clinical trial software. While we provide end-to-end services, our focus lies in the digitization of cognitive assessments and patient measurement tools for use as clinical endpoints. Our platform consists of 300+ proprietary modules that we have developed in-house. We have demonstrated clinical validation across multiple pharmaceutical clients in Phase 2-4 trials, and we are pioneering new ways to design decentralized trials. Our team consists of engineering and human factors experts who have spent years researching and developing enterprise software with a consideration for the variabilities of real-world use. We are looking for investors and partners, and we are recruiting for our leadership team.

Develops a remote patient monitoring software that allows clinicians to provide self-management support virtually to their patients with chronic conditions at home.

Our conversational technology supports medically and psychosocially complex people to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce cost of care.

Our platform uses trained professionals to analyze medical images and videos, enabling our customers to build new technologies and treatments to detect and fight disease.

We are medical imaging device spin-off of MIT. We enable doctors to see lymph nodes directly for the first time in history.

We are patients, physicians, & innovators redesigning a new economic model for American healthcare that is faster, cheaper, & easier than insurance.

Cura Therapeutics is developing innovative immunotherapies to cure cancer and infectious diseases. Our technologies harness cytokines to create multi-functional proteins with potent anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

Curio is a scientifically-based method of neuropsychological training that improves your emotional and relational skills. Using validated techniques from improv and other creative arts, Curio helps strengthen mental resilience and social collaboration.

The DayToDay Health Solution enables hospitals to efficiently, and affordably, provide the best care possible for procedures and post acute care recovery. Patients, families, and hospitals achieve their goals together through streamlined communication, education, activated patient self-management, and expert coaching to fill care gaps.

Digital Diagnostics is a leading AI diagnostic healthcare technology company on a mission to transform the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare world-wide.

Dr CADx, through a computer aided diagnostic system that helps doctors diagnose medical images more accurately and at a low cost, will help reduce the human errors that have dire consequences for patients and drive up medical costs.

Interactive social community and educational resource center for the psychedelic medicine movement

Enamel Pure is commercializing an innovative and affordable Laser Fluoride treatment for the preventative dental care setting to eradicate cavities and eliminate the appearance of aging enamel. Most people know that decay causes cavities on their teeth’s biting surfaces, but do not realize that tooth decay causes yellowing and aging effects on their teeth’s front surfaces too. Enamel Pure’s device capitalizes on decades of NIH sponsored deep science research validating the significant benefit of low-power laser treatment preventing enamel acid erosion. Increased acid resistance leads to fewer cavities, halts thinning and discoloration, collectively referred to as enamel anti-aging, and delivers on the promise of “white smiles for life”. Laser Fluoride disrupts the existing dental fluoride recurring revenue stream while significantly improving patient preventative health.

ExpressCells leverages proprietary gene-editing tools and the power of CRISPR to create custom, knock-in cell lines for drug discovery, toxicology, and other biologic research.

Family Proud is a care management platform that connects patients and families to a community and resources critical to their care.

Febo is an online health platform designed to help chronic condition patients manage their diseases. The platform offers: access to medical journals, latest advancements, clinical trial matching and wearables integration.

Flare is providing lifesaving infrastructure (technology and systems) for millions of people around the world, who lack access to help during an emergency. Presently operating in Kenya, we manage all aspects of the 911 system. Our software, Flare, coordinates emergency response vehicles onto a real-time digital map (like Uber).

GattaCo eliminates a venipuncture for a wide variety of pediatric blood tests. Our A-PON Kit collects finger-stick blood and separates plasma for POC & Lab testing.

Hepatx is developing a cell therapy platform to treat chronic diseases that are not addressed well by conventional therapy.

Medical diagnostics startup with a unique silicon-based biosensor for the detection of infectious diseases, drugs of abuse and other key biomarkers.

IFOCUS is a medication-management, digital health initiative that will change the way we view and treat ADHD.
Our solution is an easy and accurate tool to measure treatment efficiency. Patients will receive an eye-tracking device and perform a simple test at home. This test is designed to simulate real-life challenges and be performed multiple times before and after taking medication.
We use multiple biomarkers collected from the eye-tracking test and implement our proprietary AI algorithm to analyze the data. Our test’s feedback can be used by a primary care physician or nurse practitioner to evaluate the patient’s progress, resulting in a more accurate medication fit and less reliance on expert abilities and costs.

Building a new kind of blood test for acute infectious and inflammatory diseases that uses data science to interpret the immune response in <30 min. On market in 2021.

Innsightful allows the delivery of mental health treatment in a smartphone and creates a medical alternative for self-care solutions. You can now opt for voluntary treatment on your phone without worrying about social stigma or lack of access to psychiatric practice.

AI Intelligence for Gastroenterology. Cancer detection and supporting clinical trials in inflammatory diseases

Kiio is a Digital Health solution for Musculoskeletal care, empowering people with low back, neck, knee, and hip pain, to reduce pain and improve function while also reducing medical spend and opioid use.

Smarter mental healthcare. We’re building voice biomarker infra to scale access to care.

Litesprite builds games to help people manage chronic health conditions. Clinicians and players rely on our data sights.

Smart Platform for Rapid and Universal Microbial Profiling

Socially Intelligent Staff (Anti-)Scheduling For Clinics, Physician Groups and Hospitals

Notable Labs is a personalized testing service for cancer patients that prioritizes combinations of FDA-approved treatments that can be immediately prescribed by a doctor without a clinical trial.

Nurx is a healthcare company offering at-home STI testing allowing treatment for genital and oral herpes, and emergency contraception.

Nutrivide is an infant health company that aims to enhance quality and convenience in the infant care process with innovative technologies.

Building VR Games to make rehab engaging & measurable, resulting in successful completion of patient treatments & scalability for hospitals.

Overjet uses AI to enhance clinical decision making for dental payers and providers. This helps improve efficiency and quality of care.

Paige builds software to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and biomarker discovery for cancer. The Memorial Sloan Kettering spin-out aims to help pathologists and clinicians make faster, more informed diagnostic and treatment decisions and to bring new digital biomarkers to their practice.

The 1st Ever EHR Alternative App Platform: PertexaIQ. Increases revenue, creates actionable data, ends clinician burnout.

PhysioCue is a digital health and therapy device development company, that has developed a non-invasive hypertension therapy device and a migraine and headache therapy device, and a migraine and headache pain monitoring mobile app.

POLARISqb will revolutionize drug design by joining Quantum Computing with AI and Precision Medicine. Our platform will produce up to 100 drug blueprints per year. We will compress the lead time for preclinical drug candidates from 5 years to 4 months, enabling real time adaptability to the precision medicine market.

PostEra uses machine learning to close the design-make-test loop of drug discovery and reduce our clients’ cycle times.

Prairie Health is a data-driven D2C telemedicine service for mental health. Prairie provides more effective care by helping people get the right medication at the right dosage the first time, made possible via pharmacogenetics and machine learning on psychiatric medical record datasets. Prairie is venture-backed and launched this summer in California. Prairie is growing rapidly, with promising signs from members on the quality and efficacy of care.

PROTXX innovations in wearable neurophysiological sensors and machine learning enhance the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical conditions such as concussions, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Continuous and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring – gentle enough for babies, easy to use & comfortable for everyone else

Delivering real-time decision support for providers and payers to optimize care transitions. Our HIPAA-compliant solutions ingest millions of clinical, claims, quality and other datasets.

We develop algorithms for hospitals to automate reading of musculoskeletal x-rays and our tech will dramatically increase diagnostic quality.

Repair Biotechnologies develops the Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP), a first in class approach to therapy aimed at reversing atherosclerosis, familial hypercholesterolemias, and other conditions in which excess or modified cholesterol drives pathology.

ReviveMed is an MIT spinout, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery, working with big pharma and pursuing internal programs, focused on metabolic diseases, including non-alcoholic fatty liver.

We’ve created RoboPAP, the first fully automatic PAP machine that allows OSA patients to fall asleep naturally, with therapy applied after falling asleep.

We have a nanotech anti-counterfeit indicator that fights pharmaceutical counterfeiting, a problem that kills a million people each year and costs pharma firms $200BN per year.

Scriptulate is a platform for smarter and safer controlled substance prescribing by reducing the problem of overprescribing, which is a leading cause of the opioid crisis.

Shuni provides highly effective & high leverage behavioral therapy, starting with sleep. Our technology perspective is to empower therapists, not replace them. We want to make therapy more high-impact for patients and reduce burnout from therapists. We have a world-class clinical team supporting us and proven high outcomes.

Building a medical device to monitor respiratory patients at risk of hypercapnia in clinical settings. is a data analytics startup. It combines sophisticated statistical analysis methods with the organic intelligence of its users to find insights in any dataset. Individuals can use its point and click system to perform analysis and share results from enterprise and public datasets.

Therapixel develops and commercializes AI-based software for breast cancer detection and characterization.

Travera has developed a new technology for identifying effective cancer drugs and drug combinations for cancer patients.

Software support for running clinical trials via telemedicine.

VeriSIM Life is an artificial intelligence-enabled biosimulation platform-based company with a mission to create better and truly personalized medicines.

Wellsheet applies machine learning to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to radically improve the physician experience, hospital efficiency, and care quality.

Woven Orthopedic Technologies is a developer of fabric technologies for the neuro-musculoskeletal industry.

Within Health is an intelligent engagement platform that drives clinical action, initially focused on recovering the 21 million radiology follow-up recommendations that are missed in the US each year.

ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures the ZAP-X® radiosurgery platform. ZAP-X incorporates a unique self-shielded design that typically eliminates the need for traditional radiation vaults, and thus enables simple point-of-care delivery in locations previously unfeasible or cost-prohibitive, including physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and satellite facilities.