Energy & Environment


Actively inform and engage MIT alumni and their colleagues in Northern California in a broad area of highly important topics relating to the replacement of fossil fuels for energy generation and transportation and other aspects of protecting the environment and sustaining our critical natural resources. Our programs are OPEN TO ALL.

Primary Topics

We feature topics of greatest demonstrated alumni interest. In most cases, we will explore both science & technology as well as policy & economics in order to maintain a pragmatic viewpoint.

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Electric Power & Grid

both distributed and utility - class


both grid-level and distributed, for renewable energy sources

food and water

Food & Water

challenges & opportunities


Electric Vehicles & Biofuels

Climate Change

Entrepreneurship & Investing

Panel Discussions & Guest Speakers

We feature high profile, experienced and knowledgeable participants in our panel discussions in the same topical areas as MITEI on the Road, so as to provide both a research and a commercial perspective. These discussions are intended to be informative and thought-provoking and should provide many attendees with important new contacts in their areas of interest. Most panel discussions include executives from relatively new companies in order to maintain our e ntrepreneurial orientation.
We also feature prominent speakers from the energy industry, typically CEOs or founders of important companies, to comment on a wide range of issues and provide a glimpse of things to come.

MITEI* on the Road

This program features visiting MIT professors who are experts in their fields and will describe their most innovative and promising energy research, much of which may be commercializable within a few years.

Note: *MITEI stands for “MIT Energy initiative”, which now encompasses 25% of the MIT faculty.