East Bay
MITCNC Event Wed, Jul 17 / 12:00 pm PT

Restaurant in Berkeley - Location will be listed in the confirmation email

Berkeley, CA

Info and Registration
South Bay
MITCNC Event Thu, Jul 18 / 6:00 pm PT

3955 Freedom Circle

Santa Clara, CA, 95054

Info and Registration
San Francisco
Affiliate Event Sat, Jul 20 / 9:15 am PT
Blue and Gold Fleet Terminal

Pier 41

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Info and Registration
San Francisco
MITCNC Event Sun, Jul 21 / 10:35 am PT
Oracle Park

24 Willie Mays Plaza

San Francisco, CA, 94107

Info and Registration
MITCNC Event Sun, Jul 21 / 4:00 pm PT
Gallery House

320 S. California Ave.

Palo Alto, CA, 94306

Info and Registration
South Bay
Affiliate Event Sun, Jul 28 / 10:00 am PT Info and Registration

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Anmol Madan, Ph.D. Modeling Human Behavior (Machine Learning), MS, Pune University BE , EECS

Anmol Madan is Chief Data Scientist at Livongo where he is responsible for machine learning and data science across all of Livongo’s products and services, to help people be the best versions of themselves. Anmol previously co-founded Ginger.io, an AI-driven behavioral health system that provides access to 24/7 coaching, therapy...

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Jessica Wu Ramirez, SB '99

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Jessica Wu Ramirez, SB '99

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