MIT Angels

MIT Alumni Angel Investors Group of Northern California seeks to leverage the power of the MIT alumni network in Silicon Valley to perform deep technical diligence on emerging technology investment opportunities. Membership is limited to all MIT alumni who are accredited investors. Guests may attend if space is available. The events are free to both attendees and pitching companies, and the organization is completely volunteer led. The group has been in operation since in January 2014 and has provided millions of dollars to startups. We focus on deep technology startups – companies backed by significant R&D and IP. We host pitch events at least once every quarter. Almost half the companies that are selected to pitch eventually receive an investment. MIT Alumni Angel Investors of Northern California would like to:
  • Welcome, invest, and mentor entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to applications.
  • Bring the connections and leadership of MIT alumni investors to our entrepreneurs.
  • Leverage the power of MIT alumni network in Silicon Valley to perform technical and business diligence on investment opportunities.
  • Focus on emerging science and technology startups backed by significant R&D and IP.

Quick Facts

  • Has been in operation since January 2014.
  • Over 400 accredited investors.
  • Over 500 startups submitted applications.
  • Invested millions of dollars in startups.
  • About a third of startups who pitched received an investment.
  • Host pitch events at least once every quarter.


We host pitch events throughout the year. Invitations are emailed to registered accredited investors who are members of the MIT community.


If you would like an invitation, please register as an accredited investor here or write to us at or Attendance is limited to the MIT community who are accredited investors, and their guests, space limiting


If you are a startup and would like to be considered for the next pitch event, please submit your materials here and contact the directors below. Companies go through a screening process, and those selected come to pitch at the MIT Angels event. Companies do not have to have MIT alumni in the management team. However, many do, and often companies fly out from Boston.


Although professional, we are a volunteer organization. Volunteers do not need to be accredited investors and participation provides an excellent window into the start up and investing process for those who wish to learn. Contact us below if interested. Click Here to find out about MIT Alumni Angel Investors Group of Northern California


Director: Dr. Ronjon Nag (SM ’91): Deputy Director: Patrick Rivelli (SM ’91) :