Mark Gorenberg BS '76

Managing Director

  • Zetta Venture Partners

Other Affiliations : Stanford University - MSc '84, University of Minnesota - MS '79

Mark Gorenberg is the Founder and a Managing Director of Zetta Venture Partners, a seed and early stage fund, focused on the intelligent enterprise.

Mark started his venture capital career when Hummer Winblad Venture Partners began investing its first fund in 1990. Over the last 20 years Mark has served on the boards of numerous successful Hummer Winblad start-ups, including Omniture (IPO; subsequently acquired by Adobe), AdForce (IPO; subsequently acquired by CMGI), NetDynamics (acquired by Sun Microsystems), Scopus Technologies (IPO; subsequently acquired by Siebel) and Crowdfactory (acquired by Marketo). He continues to serve as a director of various companies including analytics companies Domo, Domino Data Lab, Follow Analytics, InsideSales, and Teem.

In 2011, appointed by President Barack Obama to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), a 21-person advisory group of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers (

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation, the MIT Investment Committee (MITIMCo.), a member of the Steering Committee of Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT, the Leadership Board of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. (

Diane Greene SM '78

Chief Executive Officer

  • Google Cloud

Megan Smith SM '88, SB '86

3rd U.S. Chief Technology Officer

  • United States

United States CTO and Assistant to President Obama

Megan Smith was the 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Assistant to the President, serving under President Barak Obama.  As U.S. CTO, Megan focused on how technology policy, data and innovation can advance the future of our nation.

Megan is an award-winning entrepreneur, engineer, and tech evangelist. She most recently served as a Vice President at Google, first leading New Business Development — where she managed early-stage partnerships, pilot explorations, and technology licensing across Google’s global engineering and product teams for nine years — and later serving as a VP in the leadership team at Google[x] — where she co-created the company’s “SolveForX” innovation community project as well as its “WomenTechmakers” tech-diversity initiative and worked on a range of other projects.

Megan previously served as CEO of PlanetOut, a leading LGBT online community in the early days of the web, where the team broke through many barriers and partnered closely with AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and other major web players. Megan was part of designing early smartphone technologies at General Magic and worked on multimedia products at Apple Japan. She has served on the boards of MIT Corporation, MIT Media Lab, MIT Technology Review and Vital Voices, as a member of the USAID Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, and as an advisor to the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the Malala Fund which she co-­founded.

She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, where she completed her master’s thesis work at the MIT Media Lab.

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