Awards and Recognitions

National Award Winners

Each year, the Alumni Association celebrates the invaluable contributions volunteers make to MIT and to your fellow alumni by recognizing award recipients in all categories of volunteering for the Institute. Their excellence is representative of the service provided MIT by alumni volunteers, and provides inspiration for others to get involved.

The Bronze Beaver

Awarded in recognition of distinguished service to the Institute and/ or its Association of Alumni and Alumnae, the Bronze Beaver is the highest honor the Association bestows upon any of its members

The Henry B. Kane ’24 Award

The Henry B. Kane ’24 Award is given in recognition of exceptional service and accomplishments in the area of fundraising for the Alumni Association and MIT

The Harold E. Lobdell ’17 Distinguished Service Award

The Harold E. Lobdell '17 Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of alumni relations service to the Alumni Association and MIT that is of special depth over a sustained period

Margaret Mcvicar ’65, ScD ’67 Award

The Margaret L. A. MacVicar Award, established in 2015 is the newest Alumni Association Award.  It recognizes innovation, dedication and meaningful impact for the Alumni Association or the Institute in any area of volunteer activity, on the part of an alum who has become active in Alumni Activities in recent years, demonstrating strong potential for future volunteer leadership for the Association

Volunteer Honor Roll Of Service

The Volunteer Honor Roll of Service recognizes alumni, parents, widows, spouses, faculty, and current students who have made significant volunteer contributions in categories ranging from fundraising to club service to individual special projects. A committee appointed by the Alumni Association's CEO reviews the nominations and individuals selected for the Volunteer Honor Roll are listed on the Alumni Association website.